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QUAESTUS is a multi-disciplinary journal that appears twice a year starting with the year 2012.

It aims to become one of the most important journals in Romania with articles that address issues related to economics, pollution and the environment, tourism and development, organizational culture and education in these fields.

The studies and articles address to not only specialists but also students and researchers who are interested in the areas mentioned above.

All the studies and articles sent for publication are peer-reviewed as the journal aims to promote original articles based on research results, case studies, assessments and on critical analysis and commentary.

The Quaestus Journal is an OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL  which means that users (readers, libraries, organizations) are not charged for accessing the articles.

QUAESTUS JOURNAL IS INCLUDED IN IDB  RePEc – EconPapers, Index Copernicus, DOAJ and ProQuest.,p5573,3.html


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